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A Marketing Communication agency specialized in Brand Comm strategy and digital creation.

About us

Publicity Mantra takes a 360-degree view of your business objectives to build powerful and distinct communications programs that resonate with the stakeholders, Consumers & Buyers who are critical to your success.
Our reputation for performance is built on our unique ability to gain an unbiased view of your entire communications landscape – from your opportunities and options to your risks and priorities.
We challenge conventional thinking to deliver stand-out campaigns that shift attitudes, change behaviour and build positive perceptions. We understand that word-of-mouth recommendation is the most powerful medium and we have embedded digital expertise in every team.
To stay ahead of the leading edge competition, business cannot afford to underestimate the importance of communication to specific audience. Hence a complete Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy is explored and implemented as Publicity Mantra.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


Customer Love Building Better Relationships.

We Simply build better communication Strategies to tell Customers that How much you Love Them!

Industries We Served

Education Sector 75%
Startup's, SME's & Corporate 90%
Hospitality Sector 95%
Healthcare 85%
Realestate 80%
Government & PSU's 75%

If your Marketing & PR Campaigns are not "Paying you Back", Ask Publicity Mantra for Better ROI.

We combine classic brand strategy and account planning to find a brand’s true capability. Then we turn this capability into content, products, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that users love.

  • Branding strategy & identity
  • Marketing campaign & PR
  • Content creating & development