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In House Marketing Vs Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Firm or should I create my Own Team for Digital Marketing?
This question must have crossed your mind when you were trying to promote your business.
Researches have proved working with digital marketing agencies have shown 33% more efficiency than in house marketing.

But don’t worry, we have reviewed all the ‘pros and cons’ for both side of the argument for you.

Minds that will operate your marketing strategy

You have the power to select and choose who will be handling your digital marketing. But you need to train them according to how you want them to work. If you have a digital marketing expert, you might get the results you want. But if you don’t have an expert, yout Digital marketing strategies will suffer.
Here Digital Marketing Agencies have advantage. When you hire a digital marketing firm, you don’t just hire a person, you hire a team of about 10-12 digital marketing experts who with the help of their creative thinking and experience will present you better results than In-House Marketing.

Cost of Operations

Cost is the main reason why people hesitate to join agencies for promotion. It is assumed that hiring agencies will cause more cost. This is not True! But let’s just consider all the factors.

Let’s start with In-House Marketing. When you hire a full time employee to manage your digital marketing strategies, you need to pay him –

  • Employee Allowance
  • Holiday Allowance
  • Festival Bonuses
  • Healthcare cost
  • Telecommuting Cost
  • Conveyance
  • Office facilities (workplace, food, snacks, coffee)

And these cost are not fixed, they keep increasing with years.

But with hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, You just need to pay for the services that you want. They will provide you guidance/mentorship along with helping your marketing strategies and providing you the digital marketing services(Email marketing, SMS marketing, Social media Marketing, Promotion, publicity etc)

So, Its pretty obvious to say that Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency proves to be more advantageous.

Use of Resources

By Resources we mean everything that you use for your digital marketing strategies – Employees, equipment and tools. This is a simple analysis, who do you think is more likely to have access to better tools for digital marketing. Agency’s Right?
Digital Marketing is complex procedure that requires tools. You cant assume to have a good digital marketing plan with just a computer and internet. A good marketer need to have access to tools and software for

  • Graphic Designing
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Photoshop
  • Images to be used for designing purpose
  • Software like WordPress for content writing and many more..

If you decide to create an In-House Digital Marketing team, you need to purchase software for all these functions which will prove more costly.

By far I believe that you can understand why hiring a digital marketing agency is more beneficiary option. But then you might think about your work culture.
Yes, Work culture is different in all organisations and a digital marketing may be not aligned to your work culture. This may lead to delay in work, wastage of time, not completing jobs in time which can affect your business. But this drawback also have a simple solution. You need to research before hiring an agency. Choosing the right agency can make all the difference.  Ask them about their methods, tell them how you work and work culture that you support.

Well, As you can see that Hiring  Digital Marketing Agency is more profitable along with the expert guidance you get for your business.
So what are you waiting for?

Get in Touch! Or Consult with India’s one of the Leading Social Media Strategist Anoop Mishra, Founder of a Top rated Brand Comm  & PR agency Publicity Mantra.

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