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Marketing Strategies for Bar!

Market is getting filled with cafés and Bars, all having a biting competition with one another. In a situation like this how do you expect to make more than others. Exceeding competition, getting more sales and bringing more customers are no easy task but with these pointers you can create a strong marketing strategy for your Bar!

Hosting  Events

Want more publicity? Want to be mentioned in the new Big Trend-of-Town? Or want Newspapers to write about you?
Events  are your answer! Bring the Trend to your Restaurant. Host the next upcoming event. Welcome the guests. Offer free snacks and Drinks. Show-off your services. Socialise with them. Promote yourself.
By the end of the evening you’ll have enough contacts and several posts for your social media handles to promote yourself for days!


Email Marketing

Emails are the most crucial and easiest link to build customer relations or to gain new customers. A personalized email is the key to reach your customers directly and communicate.
Email Marketing also includes two big advantages – Price and Ease
Send them Customized mails- for their birthdays, anniversaries. Greet them on festivals. Invite them on events, tips on food and so much more. Just sending random email to offer some ‘deal’ may make you spam but, Email marketing is building a community through regular communication. A community which is loyal to your brand.

Re-develop your Website

Yes. Websites are necessary. Website is the most important platform to promote your business online. On top of that, websites create authenticity to your business. And thus it is important that your website is interactive because people visit you before deciding whether they’ll come to you.
A restaurant needs a website to promote their Vision and Mission, Their Staff, their services, their food. Regular Blogs, Photographs and much more.

SMS Marketing

Same as emails, SMS are another direct way of reaching your audience. SMS can be used to send greetings, offers, special coupons.
Since most people use a smartphone now and always checks their texts. Send them something, personalized, that gains their attention and makes them visit.
You can get numbers of your clients by taking their feedback and asking their contact or asking them to sign up for some contest on your website or social media.

Respond- Maintain your Online Reputation

Respond as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative. Your Response is most important.
People often search which restaurant they should visit. To decide a restaurant they would look for your reviews. If there are any Bad reviews, respond to them, tell them sorry for the inconvenience asks them how can we serve better next time or what they prefer. By this people would know that you do want to listen to them and change to provide the best the customers want.
And if the review is good. Thank them.

Become more active on Social Media

You have a Social Media Account? If not sign up on every social media platform you know and those your customers use.
Boast your Accounts. Create Content for posts and Share them with your community and try to maximize your reach.
People spend most of their time on Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use these platforms to showcase your restaurant.
And if you feel you don’t perform well enough online- Outsource such services as they provide Better ROI.

Increase public relations

Visit other business places in your town. Reach out to them. Give them your menu, pamphlets, invite them to visit your restaurant. Give away free coupons, Ask them to conduct corporate meeting with you.
And those business who are already deals with you. Contact them regularly, provide them the best services.
This would in return help you to get more loyal customers.

Online Listing

Try to get Listed everywhere.
This might be a little expensive to get listed on all food apps. But when you have listing at every food app, your chances of getting visible increases.
Before a person decides where he or she would dine, they check for their options. Food Apps makes it easier for customers to know what dishes they’ll be interested to eat and thus, if you are listed on such apps would make you more visible for new prospect clients.

Let us Help you with your Restaurants Marketing Strategy!

Get in Touch with Us Or Consult with India’s one of the Leading Social Media Strategist Anoop Mishra, Founder of a Top rated Brand Comm  & PR agency Publicity Mantra.

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