We specialize in integrated marketing solutions that seamlessly communicate the brand promise and reinforce its relationship with people. This helps build a stronger identity and a better image than your competitors.
Nobody wants their advertising to fizzle out on them – that’s a waste of time, space, effort and money. When your advertising is bold, it’s bound to get noticed. || read more

A brand is a big idea. An experience. A connection. It’s all the little things you represent – from your core values to the design of your logo – to the way you interact with your customers, clients, and community. We work with purposeful, passionate brands, building a foundation to share their stories with the world and equipping brands with the tools they need to grow, and grow well long-term. || read more

What are your communication targets? When and where can you reach them? What messages are being conveyed? How can you spend your communication budget wisely? How can you calculate your returns on investment?
Publicity Mantra helps you develop synergies among your different communication activities (web, paper, audiovisual, events).
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Digital Marketing can bring your brand into their world in a powerful way. Most brands are investing significant resources in Radio/FM, Internet, Email marketing and social Media management – whether through brand pages on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or on their own web properties.Companies need to formulate their digital marketing strategy carefully before jumping onto the next big trend that becomes hot. || read more

Whether you are hosting a conference, competition, road show or thematic week – Publicity Mantra organisers are the people to turn to.
We deliver everything you need to make the entire event run smoothly, right down to the tiniest detail. If you are looking for the right technology, venue or an all-in-one package, you will find it at Publicity Mantra.
We make it happen.|| read more