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Our bilingual team – a family of Public Relations Professionals and Experts, strategic thinkers, storytellers, media relations specialists, trend-spotters, trend-setters, researchers, designers, social media experts, digital developers and pop-culture junkies – is obsessed with client service and delivering real, honest-to-goodness, measurable results.

Our goal in PR is simple: to get you known.
Let’s put an end to prospects saying “we’ve never heard of you”

PR Strategy & Planning

A successful public relations campaign starts with a clear, thoughtful strategy that supports your company’s business objectives. Tapping into our extensive PR experience, we analyze your brand, industry, competitors and the overall news climate to develop a measurable PR program that is pinned to a detailed roadmap for how and when we’ll achieve our goals.

Media Relations

We have a deep understanding of how the news cycle works and place great importance on maximizing each media opportunity for our clients. While journalists have the ultimate say over which stories warrant news coverage, our team maintains close relationships with the press to stay up-to-date on their reporting and ensure we’re bringing the right stories with the right information to the right contacts.

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    While the press release has changed over the years, it still remains a useful tool for disseminating your company’s news to the public. We draft and distribute compelling, media-friendly press releases and ensure they get in front of the appropriate reporters for timely coverage.
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    Press Conferences
    Press conference is one of the most commonly used and potent tool to advance the cause of an organization and gain coverage in newspapers, magazines, blogs and on TV news broadcasts. press conferences allow to interact with a roomful of journalists all at once and thus is an effective way to quickly disseminate public relation messages.
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    Product Launches
    You only get one chance to launch a product. We’re experts at using public relations to ensure your launch makes a splash. We have successfully unveiled countless products to the world and have achieved significant, measurable results, including exceeding fundraising goals, driving website traffic and attracting customers.

Product Reviews
Third-party endorsements elevate your brand to the next level. Our proven strategy builds your brand’s clout through timely and well-informed reviews of your product or service. It takes more than just knowing the right people; we make the review process seamless for both the client and the reporter. We give our product review campaigns 5 out of 5 stars.

Media Training
Your media spokespeople are your front line storytellers. It is critical that they are comfortable, informed and on-message when speaking to reporters. From tactics for answering difficult questions to advice on what to wear, our media training sessions fully prepare your team for phone, in-person and broadcast interviews with the press. With our help, you’ll be bulletproof.

Press Tours & Events
Face-to-face communication is invaluable; telling your story in-person is sometimes necessary to make the right impact. In addition to managing press tours that connect your company executives with key influencers, we are tapped into and attend a broad range of press events held across India, Singapore, Thailand and Middle Asia.

Award Submissions
Industry recognition is critical to establishing a brand’s credibility. We manage award campaigns every step of the way, from seeking out relevant opportunities to submitting nominations on your behalf. By targeting the accolades most valued by your industry, customers and stakeholders, we will establish your brand as a leader.

Reputation Management (Online & Offline)
We understand the importance of managing corporate reputation as it significantly influences and impacts the company’s overall bottom line. Our team evaluates reputational risks and suggests relevant proactive measures to protect the image of our clients. We address key issues as well as identify and build on positive influences that could further enhance the company’s reputation.

Crisis Communications & Management
The best offense is a good defense. We’re always anticipating and working to prevent potential PR issues, but every company can be vulnerable to crises. When difficult situations arise, we’re ready with a plan for rapid and thoughtful resolution that minimizes damage.

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