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7 Advantages of Public-Relation (PR)

1. It can bring home reward of Mutual Understanding:

The relations between individual and individual, an organisation and organisation and an organisation and individuals will bring home the rich rewards of better mutual understanding. The risks involved in misunderstandings, bickerings between individuals, groups, governments and nations are uprooted.

2. It creates and maintains Reputation and Status:

PR is such a powerful tool or set of tools that it helps in winning friends, influencing favourably people, persuading individuals, impelling and impressing groups and others in difficulties or difficult situations to bring birth to goodwill, its growth, nurturing it for longer period so that the reputation and status are well guarded and upgraded.

3. Image creation and Building:

Each person has an image of his own is the mirror of general public or society. Image is the imprint of its personality. Companions are no exempt to this. Image speaks of the status of a company amongst various circles.

A business unit has to operate in many markets namely capital, labour product or service market. The strengths and weaknesses of a company can be measured in terms of its share values, dividend rate, interest rate in attracting and retaining capital; its remuneration range to employees in labour market.

It also speaks of employer relations. In product market, its market share, quality, quantity, dimension, timeliness of delivery and exact place of delivery and so on. Together, all these minute points give public an image or opinion formation.

4. Forestalling Attacks, Opposition and Politics:

Business is a game; it is a war where winning and losing, creating and destroying activities are going on. Public is misled by rumours spread by competitors or opponents. Rumours spread very fast and in that fortunes of companies are affected either favourably or unfavourbly; loss of one is gain of another.

Soft-drinks major-or arch rivals Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola they have business rivalry and spend annually 4000 to 5000 crores of rupees on advertising to tell that their product is safe and better than others. Case history of 2004 of these giants is well known. There are countless corporate stories where PR has corrected the situation.

5. Educate the People to a point of view:

Educating the public is one of the major goals of PR. PR can educate the people about anything that affects them directly or indirectly?

It may be importance of higher education, a particular subject, about contents of the product not directly of product. Thus, when Liptons Company introduced ‘Dalda’ brand Vanaspati, people took to it as camel ghee because of its yellow colour and were hesitant to consume.

It may talk of housing, sanitation, hygiene, civic awareness, and so on. Any point that they have of which correct picture is given by PR. It may concern to children, adults, aged people whose things are thrashed and inseminated.

6. Making the People to love Life and work for Better or for worse without Conditions:

Undoubted men and women are social and rational animals. God has given them to enjoy their life content and stamina and efficiency level. However, human being is docile by very nature. They are becoming lazier in the garb of being busy due to mechanical life and timing and life styles. The present generation is a slave of ‘remote control’.

As a result humans are becoming lazier. This laziness has resulted in number of diseases which we never heard off. This also gives golden opportunity to creative business people to en-cash on.

Hence, PR does the work of making them to love their work and life to better without conditions. New fashions, habits which have come to light have not only brighter side but darker side too. These are highlighted and PR tells what is good and what is bad for them.

7. Employee Counselling:

Organisations are structures of not only physical elements like very imposing building, latest machinery, use of A-class materials and so on. What is important is organisational employees are more important who make or mar the success of an organisation. Many companies fail because they do not match ‘ability to work’ and “willingness to work”.

It is PR by changing the attitude of employees towards works, work and workers, they are inspired to put their best to contribute maximum where worker, company and society all stand to benefit.

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