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Building Effective SMS Marketing!

We all know about email marketing and how beneficial it is to business. It is true that email marketing provides the best means to reach out to the target audience but there are other measures too.
SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing is form of marketing in which marketers send out texts to prospect clients and customers to spread their word. SMS marketing is a bit difficult than email marketing, as people are not very confident in giving out their phone numbers. But still text messages are capable of being more personal and interactive.
Studies say that approx. 50% of customers are more likely to open your text messages than emails.

Tips for building a more effective SMS Marketing Strategy

Build Brand Identity

No one will respond to your Texts or Emails if they don’t know you. There might be a chance they label you as spam. Many new businesses often fail at email and text marketing because of spam. This happens when you purchase client details from various sources.
The first step of building a good SMS marketing is to get details directly from customers. This process is time taking and involves a lot of efforts but still, asking people for their details directly will allow you to promote your brand directly and increase customer’s confidence in you and your business.
Promote your brand on social media. Send invites to people to visit your page and website. This will spread awareness about your brand name and people will know briefly about you. This way, the probability of your texts being opened and read will be greater.

Offer Value more than Deals

Competition is dense. There is nothing wrong or demotivating about that. Every economy, in todays era, is facing tough competition. New business often becomes lost in such conditions. So, how can you stand out in Text Marketing?
Send them texts offering them some value. Some kind of personalized discount, Customer specific deal. Offers like these have more chances to create engagements. Many businesses try to promote same deals and offers to all customers. SMS Marketing allows you to interact with your customer and offer them something they need.

Make Proper Schedules

Its true that people, these days, spend most of their time on their mobile devices. But they still don’t read all the texts they receive. Most of the time the texts are left unread for weeks and months. Thus, all the effort put in Text Marketing goes in vain.
To avoid this, you need to study your customers behaviour. When they are free, when they are most likely to respond. This will surely take some time, but will git the best results in future.

Don’t spam them with too many texts, don’t send texts daily. Don’t offer them too many deals. All such activities will annoy your prospect client.
Make use of these tips for building the best SMS Marketing strategy for your business.

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