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Digital marketing mistakes you need to avoid


In today’s advanced and modern era, digital marketing is fundamental to connect with buyers. Business needs to associate with customers on their preferred Social Media Channels.

Social Media Channels allow customers to communicate  with companies they want to deal with, ask queries and stay connected through emails. If you wish to grow your business, if you wish to grow your business you need to create such marketing strategy that allows your brand to interact with customers regularly. By proper and regular communication you can share compelling offers for your clients as you know what they need. Thus you get a loyal customer.

But, still some companies fail to do so. Here are some mistakes that need to be avoided for a perfect digital marketing strategy.

  • Not regularly engaging with customers-

Just being connected on social media means nothing. You need to properly monitor your and your customers social media presence. Responding regularly on comments, address their issues and most importantly responding to negative comments.

It might seem odd to say that every negative comment should be addressed but before any person decides to deal with you they like to visit you online.  When you address to such negative comments, apologizing for inconvenience and asking suggestions, It will tell customers that this brand actually listens to their customers.

  • Not Testing Emails

It is true that not every email gets opened. But still Email Marketing is considered the best way to interact with customers or offer your clients. The only reason for this is that email sent to customers need to have value in it.

Just sending a email to sell a product or a service will not fetch a company anything and such emails are the one that get mentioned spam or left unseen. For the best email marketing strategy, a person needs to appeal to customers to try their services. to do so you can either use some free gifts or big discounts. Experiment with your emails and see what type of mails get the best response.

  • Not doing proper Keyword Research

If you regularly produce content for your brand or company what is the possibility that your content is the one that is featured on the internet.

Their are more than 1 billion pages on the internet. To get featured is important or you will make quality content for no reason at all. Thus comes the need for research. Find out what your customers more often search for, how they search, What phrases they use.

These information will help you create a content using such keywords and increase your visibility.

  • Not promoting Social Media Posts

Increase your organic reach to customers through promoting your posts all over the social media. The more people see your social media posts, the more engagements you will get. Many companies  avoid doing promotions as they see it as unnecessary expense. But it has always been effective for companies to engage on social media promotions

  • Not tracking your ROI regularly

How much returns did you expect from your digital marketing campaign and how much are you actually receiving? This is an importance question that most companies forget to ask and it hurts their efforts in long term.

Regular monitoring is required during conducting digital marketing so that any unexpected loss can be avoided. How much investments needs to be done for email marketing, how much for SMS marketing are all necessary  questions that need focus for gaining best ROI. Without knowing what results you are achieving in short term, Companies often gets confused where to focus in future.

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