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What NOT to Do in Digital Marketing Industry in 2020?

As a result of the rapid evolution of the Digital Marketing world, today’s customers control a high level of transparency and integrity from brands.

That’s why in 2020 running a Digital Marketing agency can be tough since your clients will pull you in different directions, your team need nurturing, management, leadership and guidance for how to work efficiently. you’ll have to overcome with all these obstacles and challenges.

Even the most experienced Digital Marketers occasionally have campaigns which do not yield desired outcomes. There is no such thing as a formula of success or magic recipe for creating a blooming & growing agency.

However, there are some things you can avoid to survive in the ever-changing dynamic digital platform.

DON’T: Be so focused on the volume of blog posts.

Do you genuinely think that your customers are interested in knowing how many blog posts you have posted? Neither Google nor your customers are counting your blogs. Instead, they are more interested in content that is informative, engaging and which offers value to them.

So start focusing on creating high-quality blog contents that attract more audience and then consequently you’ll see the rewards.

DON’T: Make Promises you can’t deliver

Making promises you can’t keep is not wise. In reality, it can put you in a mess. If you can’t keep the promises, you shouldn’t make them in the first place.

“If your actions do not prove the truth of your words, then your words are nothing more than lies.”

Not delivering what you have promised will only make your clients more frustrated and make them seek marketing help from somebody else or your competitors.

If you say something you will do, do it. In fact, promise the least you can achieve and deliver much more than they were expecting. For example, If you tell your client you will deliver something on a certain date, hand over to them early rather than late.

This will not only help you in gaining their trust but will also make them happy.

DON’T: Use Every Social Media Platform

The most prominent mistake every Digital Marketer do is using every Social Media Platform. We all know how important it is to have a social media strategy, but it doesn’t imply that you will try to disguise the whole social media universe with your Brand presence. Social Media channels require a ton of time & energy and if you will continue to work like this then you’re doomed in no time.

A more genuine alternative is, pick the top three social media platforms where your audience surfs out more and yield all your energy there.

DON’T: Let Your Client’s Control Your Life

You’ve undoubtedly worked with few clients that seem to drain up all your time & energy still crave a lot of attention from you.

Sometimes you’ve to deal with clients who make you feel like no matter how hard you are working to exceed their expectations but it’s still not enough.

Fortunately, setting realistic expectations can help you ensure that your clients don’t control your life.

“Do not forget that you are who you decided to be. Stay in control of your life.”


DON’T: Buy Followers

Paying for followers, just don’t do that. It often seems like the aim of the game is to have lots of followers and fans on your social media accounts.

People have become savvier about social media, they are now able to tell if you have paid followers or earned one. And if they do find out then the message will spread across that you are untrustworthy and then your whole game is over. Boosted posts and promoted posts are one thing, but paying for a few followers is too shady. Instead, focus on gaining true followers who are likely to be potential clients.

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