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Facebook Makeover for Startups!

Businesses are ruling Social Media these days with their creative and unique marketing strategies. Are you?
Being on social media may sound like just a trend for you but it is much more than that. It is how you portray yourself and your brand online. The content you publish, posts you share and connections you make and nurture shows how amazingly you are handling your PR via Social Media. One of the said social media sites, which provide the best platform for business opportunities is –  Facebook!

And it is of immense importance that you have your Facebook handle right!

Profile Image and Cover

The first thing people see before entering any page is there profile image and cover. This is the first opportunity for brands to leave a mark. Make a creative logo for your brand and upload it there. And for Cover – Use it as a banner where you can promote your business. Offerings, deals etc. and make sure you keep updating your cover.

About Company

Many times people miss out these important fields. People read this to understand what exactly is your business. Tell them your main aim and vision here. Information about the products and services also are needed to be mentioned.

Pinning Posts

If you have some content that you want your followers to see on a continuous basis(like a ad) pin them on the top. Make sure this pinned post is attractive and appealing or else they might not scroll down and leave your page.

Advertise Feedbacks

Your feedbacks are your biggest referrals. They make other people confident about your brand. Make use of this, promote these positive feedbacks on your page.

Call to Action Buttons

Making Facebook easy for them will also encourage them to shop or engage with your business. Add a button that directly transfers them to shopping. This promotes easier User Interface for your prospects that will help them to directly purchase a product or engage in a service rather than surfing through your page, trying to find the right place.

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