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Future of Digital Marketing in India

Ever since the “Jio Effect”, Mobile phones and Internet Access in India has seen a massive increase. Everybody is now available on the internet. Everybody is busy surfing the net for everything they want. Social Media has become a dense jungle where you can find anyone and anything.
This Revolution has taken a huge effect on Marketing Strategies in India. Since, everyone is busy on the internet looking for something or someone, marketing as evolved into digital marketing to promote business Online!
Every Business is now busy making efficient and effective Online Marketing Strategies. They Hire Social Media Consultant, place their products online, Do Advertising online, Communication with customers and other business too have become very easy.
Marketing has shown much growth on the internet and social media. It has become obvious that Digital Marketing will have a huge impact for business in India.

Small Towns and Rural Areas

Businesses had a problem in generating its reach in small towns and rural areas of India. But with digitization, Small Towns and Rural Areas can be reached easily. Many startups have been created in small towns. Many Businesses have already taken advantage of digitization by becoming the first supplier in rural regions. Standard of Living has improved in these regions.

Higher Engagement than Ever!

With the benefit of digitization, everyone is now busy surfing for products they want. Business can now promote their products directly to people who want their products. Product and Services can be tailored according to Customer Needs. All this wasn’t possible with Traditional Marketing. Business creates strategies to build engagement online and maintain customer base.

Government’s Involvement

Indian Government has taken this digitization to the next level. They have introduced a programme – ‘Digital India’ for a sole transform public services by use of Internet and Information Technology, to create a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.
The Government is trying to encourage E-Commerce in India. Thus, Opportunities have increased by 10 folds in making a career in Digital Marketing in India.

Global Reach

Many small businesses in India have operated in their own towns. They hesitate moving outside their physical reach because they are unsure of the market conditions. With the power of Digital Marketing many opportunities have opened, not only in India but Globally. Through the Social Media Platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, it is now possible to reach out to a Global Audience. Such development will lead small business to new heights.

Many businesses have started Digital Marketing and are making the most out of it!
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