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Instagram for Business!

Instagram has become more viral and trendy platform for all social media junkies. People are now more attracted towards Instagram than any other platform. Thus business has also shifted its house from other platforms to Instagram.
The reason – People follow business who follow trends.
But is Instagram a worthy platform  to promote business ?

The answer is Yes and below are the reasons why –

The Analytics

Instagram’s business profile allows an analytic feature that displays no of visitors and their online behaviour. This makes it easy for marketers to analyse their social media performance. The no of followers and how much does each post reach to people are perks that are allowed by Instagram. Instagram has a very simple user friendly system which makes it easier  for anybody to use it. Thus, interpretation of how you perform on Instagram is easy!

Clickable Ads

The stories feature of Instagram has made it even easier to reach out to people. You can upload an ad and promote it through stories. This increases traffic on Instagram account and it also helps the user to easily reach to the business page, identify product.


Direct messages are the best communication feature that is allowed by Instagram. You can message anyone on Instagram and ask your queries. This feature has made it very simple for users to ask any business about any query.


Instagram’s contact feature make it even simpler to directly connect to any business owner. There is a URL option that allows you to add contact no, email id, website address. These URLs redirect straight to the Website or helps to establish contact.

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