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Life Cycle of Digital Marketing Campaigns

For how long does a digital marketing campaign proves effective?
This is one of the big and important questions. Not every strategic action taken on digital marketing provides same result. In simpler words, not every post, or content that you publish online will gain you same level of customer support and traction.

To build an effective digital marketing scheme, you need to how does digital marketing works.


Setting up a structured digital marketing campaign takes almost 3-4 months. This might be time taking procedure, but it is worthwhile because your customers will see you grow in these starting months which will make them more confident about your brand and business.
During these 3-4 months you need to focus on building an online environment, establish baseline, setup digital media infrastructure, establish listing on search engines, gain followers, start customer relations, try to gain new leads, generate brand mentions on the internet and other events.


Traction is where you start communication or interactions with your customers with a purpose of selling your product and services to them. You need to address to their queries, ask them their needs, offer them special and personalised deals.
All these activities are needed to be done for motivating customers or prospect customers to become loyal customers.
It usually takes 5-9 months of time.


Positioning your brand is another important and complex activity. It takes a lot of time to position yourself on the internet since there is so much competition these days. But you need to properly position your brand online through a digital marketing campaign even if it takes a whole year.  It will help in improving brand loyalty, generate more sales and revenue, and to showcase yourself as a market leader.


Another step to your marketing strategy is to establish a new expansion. Expanding your business to a new area or new country will help in generating more business opportunities.
It will increase your brand’s power. More people will now be able to contact you, interact with you.
This is very important if you want your startup to hold its success. You should expand your reach.

All these tips will help you in successfully establishing a startup!


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