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Marketing on a Budget!

The journey of a business is always full of struggles for an entrepreneur. The biggest struggle that they face, starting a new business, is to market themselves. There are bombarded with marketing strategies, opportunities and platforms which confuses them on how to use them. Many marketing agencies offer consultancy to startups on marketing strategies but still entrepreneurs first question remains, How much does it cost?
This clearly defines that for a new business person, budgeting is difficult for marketing. Not all affordable marketing techniques allow expected market exposure and the one that does, are expensive.
Campaigns are important for any business to gain customers. Their cost is high but that is an expense any brand needs to make. But there are many other budget friendly marketing methods.
Marketing through social media and email. Social Media has proven itself to be an amazing platform where you can openly and freely advertise, promote and spread awareness about your brand. There are paid promotions that does need to be used wisely. This means that not every post and ad needs to be promoted through social media. But there are also many free services allowed by social media networking sites. These free offers have many perks to offer a business.

Tips on Using Social Media effectively –

  • Offer free Offers: Customers know, there is a lot of competition in the market. Until your product is unique, try offering free services to your customer. Attract them by using supplementary product offering.
  • Recycle your content: The content you published months or years ago might not have an impact then, but if you recycle content there are chances they might increase engagement rate.
  • Publishing High Quality Content: This point is always pressed on marketer. The content that is being published on social media has to be unique and attracting. Users keep surfing through many webpages, which means you only get one chance to impress them with your content

Building Email Listing

Emails is another unique method of reaching out to clients personally. The emails are sent on their personal devices. Thus, it creates an opportunity to tailor your emails, making it something more than just an offer, something that belongs to them. Increase creativity in your emails and email open rate will increase. Thus more and more people connect with you and your brand awareness increases.

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