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Social Media Trends To Follow In 2019!

Social Media is a dynamic platform that keeps evolving and improving.
Some Trends come and go before anyone realises, some stay for a long time.
Business, if done correctly, can benefit a lot from such trends.

Below are some ongoing social media trends that going to stick around for a long time and see how your brand can take advantage.

  • Influence Marketing

Social Media Influencer are sure to stick around for a long time. Influencers provide a big opportunity for your brand to reach out to a larger mass of audience. Influencers act as a third party who themselves utilize the product and deliver your brand’s vision and message to a larger market.
Influencer campaign are done mostly through social media and live events. Such events attract a huge crowd. Thus, rather than engaging into direct advertisements for a large crowd, Hire an Influencer to send your messages to your target market.
Influence Marketing allows a firm easy access to – Lead Generation, Increasing awareness, Boosting Sales.

  • Social Media Transparency

Transparency implies open communication to potential customers online.
This is not a new concept in business, but social media has taken a new approach for Transparency in Business. The main aim of transparency is to build trust among old and new Customers and stakeholders.
More open access to content,  Create Live Streams, Post behind-the-scenes, ask your employees to take part in Social Media sharing their experiences and opinions. Such activities help generate a better goodwill and trust among customers.

  • Social Media Stories.

Snapchat started this trend and Facebook and Instagram followed. This is the most used trend nowadays and influencers and business are already making the most of it. Marketing involves sharing stories to others. Businesses have always used stories to spread their messages to a wider audience. Social Media Stories has made it so much easier to connect to people.

There are more than 250 million users of Instagram and 300 million daily users of Facebook. Spreading your stories and messages using this medium has a higher chances of reaching out to a large audience.

  • Social Media ‘Live’

This new ‘live’ feature has already been adopted by all big social media channels – Facebook, Instagram YouTube.
Going Live is the new Trend
Businesses use this feature to directly connect with their customers to share what new services, offers, events they are organizing. This is such a creative way of communicating with your target audience and build more trust and loyalty for your brand. Live streams attracts people and increases reach and helps in converting those audience into customers.

  • Engaging Individually

Connecting with your customers individually is most probably the best way of interacting with your customers to build their trust and make them loyal for your brand. However, it doesn’t seem possible when you have a large customer base.
Social Media has, recently, started using Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service. This new innovation has proved beneficiary to many businesses already. they use AI to communicate with clients, dealing with their queries and requests. AI accepts your requests and generate a response and redirects your request to respective authorities.
Even if you don’t use AI, Social Media Apps/Channels have an interactive messaging systems that makes communication a lot easier.

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