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Which Ad to Choose?

Online services always come in big bundles. Too many options for availing a single service. Advertisement is one of them. People always have some dilemmas about which ad service to choose. There ae Facebook ads, twitter ads, LinkedIn sponsors, Google AdWords and many more.

If you ask us, the two best Online ad Service comes to Facebook and Google AdWords.

The Reason why –


People love surfing through social media sites, but no other social media network get traffic like Facebook. Thus, putting up ads on Facebook offers a huge platform for your Ad and a huge reach of people. The same reach is available on Google. The reason is simple, people google everything they need.

Consumer Behaviour

How does your consumer act in situations? How do you plan on answering that question. Well, google and Facebook has made it a lot easier than any other method. They use cookies to understand what each individual user needs or wants or expects. Thus, it makes it easy for online ad service to directly promote to those individual people who wants it.

Easier to reach target Audience

Like we said, google and Facebook uses consumer behaviour to understand what people need. The same understanding is then used by marketers to reach to those specific groups of people who are already looking for your product. Thus, making target reach easier and more accessible.

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