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Formula for Pitch-Perfect Brand Reputation!

Brands are created by Marketers to showcase their company. A Brand does not mean just your product and services, Brand is a Notion that separates you from other competitors.
Brand involves, Logo, Designs, Theme so that when a brand is communicated with a customer, they don’t just see you, they interact with you. This Interaction is done when your brand is represented by compelling content, amusing graphic designs, Easy to remember Brand Name and distinctive and creative brand logo.
When a brand is created, the most important duty of an organisation is to maintain good Brand Reputation.
The first time someone interacts with your Brand is online. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you make sure your brand’s reputation is good.
A brand can suffer a lot by bad reputation. Two or three bad reviews online some criticism on social media, bad product review can cause a lot of damage on Brand’s Image.

Here are some suggestions about maintaining Positive Brand Image-

Be consistent with your Designs.

Create a sheet. Use a specific design and colors on all your post. Use same font for your content. Sending messages using similar templates will help in consistent interaction and your customers wouldn’t need to read heading to know that its your content. This will create a specific and distinguished Brand Identity.

Get Listed!

It is a known fact that a person visits you online before engaging with your business. Thus, it makes it real important that you get your business listed online. Getting Listed helps the customers to easily find you and contact you. Also, a verified online directory listing provides better authenticity to the business and increases customer’s trust.
Search Engines like Google uses such directory listings to decide which business needs to be shown first.

Boost your Search Results by using Citations

Citation is a mention of your business on the internet. When your business is listed online, or your business is mentioned in some article like Press Release, Blogs etc. builds Citations for your business. Consistent citations improve your chances of being visible on the internet.
Local Citations are most useful for small business or startups. Customers trust increases on those small businesses or startups when they know that this business is recognized by some reliable source.

Keep Updating your SEO Strategy

Google provides more reference to respected brands. This does not mean small businesses cannot benefit using SEOs
Search Engine Optimization is done by referring to keywords. Small business needs to pay more attention to build a strong SEO strategy to get noticed. Keep reviewing your websites, do timely audits to check for malicious links. SMEs need to generate more links and back links to get more visibility.
Brand Image plays a vital role here. The better and more reviews you get, the better image you will build. And with so many sources backing you up. There is a high possibility to gain top spot in Google searches.

Respond to Comments

Yes. Respond to all comments.
A comment can be positive or negative. Comment could include query or requests. To build a good brand reputation, proper and continuous contact with customers is the most important element. Respond to positive comments Thanking them. Respond to negative comments apologizing and making a promise to provide better in the future. Such acts not only increases trust of existing customers but also motivates prospect customer or new customers to engage more with your business.
Customers would like to engage with your services more because you proved that you actually listen to them.

We Understand

Being the owner of the business, you already have too much on your plate. Still your business needs proper attention to reputation management.

Get in touch! Or Consult with India’s one of the Leading Social Media Strategist Anoop Mishra, Founder of a Top rated Brand Comm  & PR agency Publicity Mantra.

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