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Understanding Digital Marketing – Top Asked Questions

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing your products, services or brand by electronic devices using internet
The motive of Digital Marketing is to reach out to prospect customers and maintain regular communication with them and with pre-existing customers. This is done through various channels namely – Social Media, Email, SMS, Websites, Google Ads or PPC.

Still there are a lot of people in the market who are unaware this marketing.
Below are some questions that are frequently asked about Digital Marketing-

What is the role of Digital Marketers? And how will it help my Business?

Simple. Digital Marketers are your link to form a creative and efficient digital marketing strategies by studying your business and understanding your needs. Digital Marketing is a wide concept and the role of digital marketers can be classified –

  • Digital Marketing – Website, Marketing strategy, Improving Brand Identity
  • Improving Online Visibility
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Converting into customers

All these functions together makes a efficient marketing Strategy in a Cost effective manner so that you can generate a better ROI- Return On Investments.

Digital Marketing mistakes that effects the business

Digital Marketing is a continuous process. It takes time to generate a big results. Although its main purpose is to generate leads, You need to understand that an active presence on internet is the most important element of digital marketing. Thus you need to regularly post content online.

The approach to maximize sales through Digital marketing will backfire your campaign. Digital Marketing revolves around customer need and to make the most out of Digital Marketing, a business needs to have customer-centric approach.
To know more about mistakes that needs to be avoided for perfect Digital Marketing, Check out this blog-

Do we need to have a website? and how often do I need to update my websites?

Yes! Websites are important for your business. It does not matter what your business is, if you have a big business or small. Websites are equally important for all. Websites provide a sense of authenticity that improves customer’s trust in you and your brand.
Also almost 30% of consumers won’t do business with you if you don’t have a website. and about 97% of consumers always research online before engaging with your business. This is high in case of consumer goods and hospitality business.

If you already have a website, that is already a great start. the next step is proper and regular updates on website to encourage more engagements from clients and prospect customers. Thus you need to have a plan of action to publish and promote your content on your website.

If you still feel unconvinced, Visit our blog about 20 reasons why business needs to have a website –

What is Content Marketing

Creating and distributing your content over many social media platforms, press releases, journals to gain more customer attention and grow new leads. Apart form this content marketing is letting people know that the services they want or need are available with us with good offers.
Content marketing is also a continuous process. Once you publish your content on different platforms, you need to check how is the response that you are getting online. you need to maintain your online reputation, respond to negative comments.

What is SEO? Why is it important for my business?

Search Engine Optimizations – SEOs is a process of using various online keywords such that your content receives the most traffic.
Google search engine uses this method. When a person searches online, google shows the best results according to the keywords and phrases that are used.
To make your content visible, SEO tells what keywords should be used so that you can optimize your content accordingly.
A perfect use of SEO will lead the more traffic through your website increasing your visibility.

What is PPC and how can it improve my business?

PPC means Pay-Per-Click. In other words it is a method of getting more web traffic. In this method advertisers pays a fee each time their ads are being clicked. This is the most popular form of ads these days. These ads are showcased on different websites according to customer behaviour and also various social media platforms.

For more info on PPC and Google Ads, Visit –

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

People, nowadays, spent most of their time surfing through various social media platforms. These platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others provide a huge platform for marketers to publicize their products and services online and indulge in direct marketing. It has become so much easier for marketers since so much traffic is already present on social media platforms.

Is Email Marketing still relevant?

Ever since Social Media industry has grown, There has been a false assumption that email marketing is not longer efficient.
Even though it is true that not all emails are answered but still, a creative and compelling email has more chances of response than any other method of communication
Email marketing has shown more results than social media in terms of communicating with clients. Clients are more responsive toward emails than social media posts because they consider it to be more private and personal.

To read more about the benefits of email marketing, Visit –

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